5 Reasons Why University is Still Worth the Money

We live in a time where the university is no longer the only path to success. There are many ways to gain knowledge and skills, and many people are choosing to learn on their own. But is university still worth the cost?

While the answer might be debatable, it is essential to understand that education has always been changing.

The ways we learn has changed drastically over the past years with the introduction of new technologies, so it’s hard to say whether universities will be relevant in the future. It might just be another form of education like a trade school or apprenticeship program that will eventually fade out.

Here are five reasons why University is still worth your money.

  • Alumni Network Connection
    Every educational establishment has an alumni network, whether formal or informal, and they are used for a variety of purposes. Alumni can make business connections, organize reunions, and serve as shining examples of the types of individuals produced by their university. It’s quite handy for individuals who are genuinely interested in their old colleagues’ lives and want to see what they’re up to.


  • Sense of community and belonging
    Having a community of support, cooperation, unity, and solidarity with others allows you to realize that you are not alone; we are more robust, often coping more effectively with difficult moments in our lives. It entails viewing the educational community as a symbol of certain shared values, customs, and practices among members of a specific set of individuals.


  • Sense of security and stability
    A sense of security can make people feel more at ease when they meet and interact with others. Feeling safe and secure entails feeling in control of yourself and your surroundings. Exploring, finding, and testing your limits may be a lot of fun and can help you figure out who you are. The key is to do so in a way that keeps you emotionally and physically secure.


  • Opportunity for life-long learning
    Accumulating new knowledge and skills increases your chances of developing new, ground-breaking ideas and solutions, as well as seeking extra education and the development of additional abilities outside of an individual’s formal or compulsory schooling. It is acknowledged that people have an innate need to explore, learn, and grow, and it motivates us to better our quality of life and sense of self-worth by paying attention to the ideas and goals that inspire us.


  • It helps you to be marketable
    University education assists you in acquiring crucial knowledge, such as basic facts, job skills, and cultural norms and values, to be viewed as a product of an institution that appears suited for a specific role.

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