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1. Select the programme you want to apply to

After you have identified the learning programmes that you wish to follow, then move on to the more technical steps.

2. Complete the online application

Complete an online application form, you will be required includes some personal information.

3. You'll get an email from us

This email will contain your Acceptance Letter and Payment Invoice for your chosen programme.

4. Accept offer and pay course fees

You have until the registration deadline to accept an offer and pay your initial fees. We send you your student login and study materials as soon as they become available.

    Please fill out the form below to start your enrolment.

    1. Programme Details

    2. Contact Details

    3. Education Details

    Academic credentials are important for our Admissions Committee.

    4. Employment Details

    Please provide us with your employment details, if you possess work experience.

    5. Other Details

    All information provided is strictly confidential and solely for the purposes of the course enrolment.