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Certified Project Management

The course introduces students to the basic concepts of project management. Effective management of projects ensures that they are completed on time, within budget and are of high quality.

Certified IT Cybersecurity Professional

You will gain competencies and practical skills of Cybersecurity policy, disaster recovery plans creation, risk governance and using different approach, concepts, methods and techniques for incident handling.

Certified Financial Professional

This trainig consists of a few basic sections of key importance for Corporate finance like: basic theoretical concepts of modern corporate finance; rates of return on money market and capital market, cost of capital, risk measurement; capital structure; company valuations; short and long terms cash flow projections; Discounting etc (FCF, NPV, IRR, PBP, WACC, EPS…) etc.

Certified PR Professional

Professionals in the field are required to coordinate increasingly complex public relations campaigns and define intricate strategies and micro-targets to ensure that an organization’s key messages reach its key target audiences. This program will provide students with the know-how they need to stay ahead of current trends and to apply the latest technologies and communication strategies.

Certified Professional in Marketing

The training provides you with full flexibility and a superior learning experience. The Online MBA in Marketing will enable you to gain knowledge of brand strategies as well as global markets. You will learn about the fundamental marketing strategies and theories and how to apply them to the real-world.

Certified Professional in Sales

Learn the fundamental concepts and theories of sales/marketing that add value to an organisation, how to sustain that value, and analyse their application in marketing practice.

Certified Supply Chain Professional

The training seeks to equipe you to understand marketing, sourcing, logistics, inventory management and customer relations. All are necessary for the proper administration of supply chains, which are an essential business units today.

Professional Risk Manager Certificate

Strategic Risk Management course consists of four modules outlining and combining modern theoretical concepts of risk management and strategy analysis with the aim of educating students to be able to manage company strategic risks.

Certified Professional in Energy Management

Student will explore core business principles from a management perspective, as well as Energy Management practices from an in-depth perspective. You will gain competencies and practical skills of energy management policies, environmental and energy law and global energy market.

Certified Professional in Human Resources Management

Student willl explore core business principles from a management perspective, as well as human resources practices from an in-depth perspective. You will gain competencies and practical skills of various human resources policies, benefits and rewarding systems, recruitment and selection process, leadership and how to use different approaches. concepts, methods and techniques for managing  employees.