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Is M-Gibes College of Business & Management Accredited ?
MGCBM holds full accreditation from the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), verifiable on their official website: https://www.gtec.edu.gh/view-institution-details?token=BMY234F-0111-5N. As the sole OTHM-approved center in Accra, Ghana, our operational license can also be verified at https://othm.org.uk/listingcenter?cn=DC1809276.
Do the programs have a specific schedule/ course program?
The online programs offer complete flexibility without a set schedule. Students can access courses in any sequence, at any time, and from any location using their phones, tablets, or computers. In contrast, campus-based programs follow a fixed schedule, typically on weekends, which will be provided to the students based on the specific program.
Who is OTHM?
Organization for Tourism and Hospitality Management (OTHM) is globally award British qualifications through a widespread network of delivery centers. OTHM, established in 2003 as a non-profit, has certified tens of thousands, granting advanced entry into UK Degree final year and Masters top-up programs.
Are the lectures pre-recorded or are there any live lectures?
Online courses typically consist of pre-recorded content. Nevertheless, they frequently incorporate live workshops or masterclasses as part of the curriculum.
How can I access the online learning platform?
Upon your official enrollment, we will furnish you with comprehensive details, instructions, and your login credentials.
What is the duration required to finish the MBA program?
The duration to complete the MBA program varies based on the chosen MBA program, but typically it takes around 12 months.
Do you provide alternative payment methods or offer installment-based payment plans?
Certainly! Flexible payment schedules are available upon request. Our administration will contact you after a successful application for further details.
Can I continue my dropped course?
Yes you can as our programs are flexible and you complete at your own pace.
Can you pay fees in installment ?
Yes we allow our students to pay for their tuition in installment basis but first pays a percentage before start of program.
How do i pay my fees?
Fees can be paid via the bank, in person or via our online platforms https://paystack.com/pay/mgibes-awards
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