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Operations and Information Management for Project Managers

Overview The aim of this course is to develop critical understanding of managing operations and information systems within projects. The interrelationships within functional areas will be examined and the influence of contemporary factors. Learners will explore organisational strategy in relation to capacity to plan for products and consider the value of inventory management using information

Project Management

Overview This course aims to introduce learners to the realities of developing and managing a project. It will also introduce learners to the challenges of project management practice in the global business arena. It aims to promote thinking critically about project management as complex, process-based cultural systems and as constantly developing with the high performing

Procurement and Supply Management

Overview The course seeks to provide learners with a thorough understanding of procurement and supply management from a strategic, technological, process and relationship perspective. The goal is to provide insights on the role of procurement within supply chain management, the tools and techniques to assess sourcing options, the negotiation and contractual issues encountered with suppliers,


Overview We firmly believe in the concept that a business grows stronger when it has endless revenues coming from its versatile Sales team. At M-Gibes College, we consider a responsive, customized and requirement-based training that makes a significant difference between a good and a great sales workforce. Allow us share our proven track record on our

Sustainable Operations Management

Overview The aim of this course is to develop learners’ understanding, knowledge and skills of sustainable operations management, including key elements of sustainability and their importance to businesses, the business drivers and barriers affecting the move towards sustainability, the different practices across the supply chain that can be worked upon to improve sustainability as well

Advanced Business Research Methods

Overview The aim of this course is to develop learners’ ability to prepare for various types of academically based management research through the development and design of a research proposal. Learners will develop a critical understanding of the philosophical, practical and ethical concepts of research within the context of the business environment. Learning Outcomes Learners

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Overview The aim of this course is to introduce learners to the basics of business processes and strategies related to enterprise and entrepreneurship, developing knowledge of enterprise and entrepreneurship in global contexts. Learning Outcomes Learners will: Be able to critically analyse the concepts and process of entrepreneurship Be able to evaluate innovative and entrepreneurial management

OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Business and Organisational Psychology

Overview The principal objective of the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Business and Organisational Psychology qualification is to provide you with a thorough grounding in the theory and practical skills required to apply psychological research, business tools and methods within a variety of organisational settings and corporate cultures. The scope of this qualification addresses all

OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Overview The objective of the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance qualification is to provide learners with an understanding of: contemporary and specialised approaches to accountancy and finance key practical, theoretical and empirical issues, and academic research the complexity of the ever-changing legal framework in which the financial sector operates the latest developments

OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Accounting and Business

Overview Accounting and finance are at the very heart of business operations. From banking to manufacturing, from huge service industries to micro businesses, the ability to manage, plan and account for money is still the ultimate measure of business success and the key driver of growth. Many accountants occupy key managerial positions in business, yet

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